What's up to my dream (o_o)

I was in the classroom with my friends and classmates at school. The supervisor opened the door and said we probably stay such as any longer before leave at night. I did not hear it because I am deaf. The smart student who was writing and solving the Calculus on her notebook, for me I felt like it must be test to me. I looked at the window which the twilight begins (No, not the movie called Twilight xD)... some of my friends and classmates were leaving..some few of them who still stay at classroom with me. Apparently, I looked at the glass of the door where No.96 Blackmist (Dark Astral) arrived. I ran and opened the door and on hallway, I yelled "ASTRAL!!!" in my mind what I decided to ask him what's his name, but probably his name is No.96, I saw he came in my teachers' room. The supervisor and my classmate called at me and get in the classroom, my face was like "okay" then still in the hallway, I saw him again, he's coming to the other room and I shouted "ASTRAL!!!" because I wanted to ask him what's his name, he probably did hear it but he thinks it's another person not him. (in fact Kabuto was killed, I think it's No.96 who kiled him) He revived guy with red-haired and the stranger his eyes and face, clothes are almost like Jiraiya, I could said that's Jiraiya. I talked to No.96 Blackmist (Dark Astral) now he can hear me and asked "Do you want to die? Do you want to be revived and your face will become ugly like this guy did? (what like the strange face and eyes)" I mumbled "Hmm...No..." so my face was like poker face. I ran and walked up on the stair and looked at them decided to leave my school and go somewhere. I walked to stairway down and out of it, saw the shelter, I opened and saw the true body of Jiraiya that he isn't died. He told me don't tell them that I'm still alive and I answered "ok" also No.96 and Fake Jiraiya walked to the floor near us, but the door was still opened but they did not see us. Which we were saved. He lets me to leave as I like. I came back to the classroom, saw Rose will pick me up to home from school...

I woke up, was like "oh that's a dream..." try to remember what I had... XD

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL accounts

Hello Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL fans
Maybe it's hard to find YGO ZEXAL accounts in twitter so I thought I would make a journal for this and it will be easy to find...
So I decided to upload this. Hope it's easy to find~! <3
I will make a site like this soon when this journal will be deleted soon or not.
Thank you for reading!!


Yuma Tsukumo


Baby Tragon

Kotori Mizuki


Ryoga Kamishiro

Fuuya Okudahira (Robin ESPer)

Kaito Tenjo

Haruto Tenjo

Dr. Faker

Mr. Heartland


When you create new YGO ZEXAL accounts, please comment here and I will add you.

Have a nice day!
Robin is shy


 3日前、子遊馬と子アストラルを夢見る!本当に良いだでもかわいいいいいいいー!!!!萌え!! またゼアルを夢見るうとたい。

あちゃー! 12:57AM?! It is too later!寝る おやすみ!
Yuma - Duel!


ただいま! レバノンを行くかったでも少し良くです。
2日前は遊戯王ZEXAL挿話15を見てかった! (*^o^*) そしてシャークどこ?! 。°゜(゜ノ´д`゜ノ)゜°。
今日は絵のゾーンコスプレを見てかったそして美しいだ! (*´o`*) もっと大好き~かわいいゾーン好き!
ごめんなさい 私の日本語は良くない ( ´д`)

8 more exams to left :DDDD

I haven't updated journal in while. Today I have exams to start, I feel so good that I just finished Chemistry exam last afternoon. I will have Arabic exam tomorrow- oh god. Afternoon is Physics exam, Wednesday will be Accounting, Thursday will be Biology and next week, it will be Math on Sunday, English on Monday, Literature on Tuesday and Islamic on Wednesday. I'm so excited about to watch Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's episode 152 after I will finish the last exam. (**/ ^ o ^)/